Road Traffic Accidents

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim*.  As well as compensation for your injuries you may also be able to claim for medical bills, loss of earnings, car damage and other out of pocket expenses.



Home or hospital visits are available for clients with serious injuries and first consultations are usually free.
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Road Traffic Accidents “Do’s & Don’ts”


  • Call the Gardai and when they arrive obtain their names and the station  
  • Get the name, address, registration number and insurance details of other parties and vehicles involved. You may also exchange your own details with the other party on a reciprocal basis
  • Get the names, addresses and contact details of any passengers or witnesses
  • Make a note of the date, time, location, weather and road conditions
  • Take photographs of the scene and of any damage to all vehicles or other relevant objects
  • Keep all receipts

  • “Don’ts”

  • Admit liability or sign any document. 
  • Leave the scene of an accident until all information has been exchanged between the parties and the Gardai have arrived.
  • Make a statement or comment to the Gardai without legal advice.  It can be used in evidence against you.  You are obliged to give your personal details to the Gardai but you do not have to give a statement or comment until you have seen your solicitor.
  • Repair your vehicle without first ascertaining whether your or the other parties’ insurers are providing an indemnity.

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