Probate and Foreign Lawyer Service

We are delighted to act for international or foreign based lawyers and solicitors, and for non-resident beneficiaries, family members or an executor of a will who needs help with Irish property or assets. Eamonn J. Walsh & Co Solicitors are available to provide you with expert advice and legal services in relation to all your Probate and Administration needs.



Where a person living outside the Republic of Ireland dies leaving assets within the Republic an Irish Grant of Probate or Administration may be required to realise the assets. We have many years’ experience acting as solicitors for foreign lawyers or clients.

You may wish to send us the documents listed below and we can advise you:


  • Official copy death certificate
  • A copy of will ( not original)
  • Court sealed and certified copy of foreign grant (if a foreign grant has issued.
  • Names and addresses of beneficiaries.
  • List of assets of deceased in Republic of Ireland

    On receipt of your query and/or the documents listed above we will let you have an estimate of our fees and a note of any further requirements. It is a good idea to seek prompt legal advice in these matters as liability for tax may arise and penalties attach to delayed payment of taxes.

    You can start by telling us your query by calling us on 01 440 7390, Email us at or we can call you back. After discussing your situation with you, we can advise how to proceed. We look forward to hearing from you.